Nov 13, 2010

iPod Touch 4G

Too tiny to feel disappointed of the improved iPod touch 4G.
AS APPLE'S premium music player, the iPod touch has benefited from consistent hardware and software updates that makes it one of the most popular Apple products next to the iPhone.
The new 4th generation (4G) iPod touch gains some significant enhancements, many that are found in the iPhone 4 - a fancy new Retina Display, A4 chip processor and FaceTime to name a few. With the same specs as Iphone 4G, you'll never feel disappointed with the newest technology and these features indeed impressing you from all the way.

THIN AS A STICK: The new 4th generation iPod touch is just 7.2mm thick.
Integrated with camera allowing you to capture image and record video yet specialised by FaceTime video calling which makes use of the front-facing VGA camera, allowing you to call other iPod touch users as well as iPhone 4 and Mac users over a WiFi connection.
NEAT: The new iPod touch benefits from a faster A4 processor and built-in gyroscope that enhances the overall gaming experience.
Games in general look better and ran incredibly smooth as we played Retina Display-optimised games such as Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusReal Racing and N.O.V.A.
Pros: Sharp-looking Retina Display; speedy performance for apps; HD video recording.
Cons: Poor still photos; no microphone-equipped earphones provideEndd.


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