Nov 16, 2010

Diane Kruger Rocks Her White BlackBerry at the SAG Awards

The stars were out in force for Saturday's Screen Actors Guild Awards, and although some may have been focused on red carpet style, I was keeping my eyes peeled for any tech appearances. Thankfully, I got lucky and spotted award-winning star Diane Kruger posing withInglourious Basterdsdirector Quentin Tarantino in front of her white BlackBerry Bold 9000. We don't see many of these out in the wild too often, but when we do it's always an eye-catcher.
With Diane's 2MP camera and flash, she probably could have snapped a pretty good shot of the two of them in the dimly lit Shrine Auditorium, but I am a little worried that she didn't get the results she may have wanted — she's pointing the lens the wrong way!
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Hayden Panettiere With Her Casio

Hayden is no stranger to tech — she has been known to get her game (and game face) on from time to time — so it's not surprising that she's sporting the 9MP Casio that comes with 20x optical zoom to catch all her favorite bands on stage, even if she isn't sitting front row.
The EX-FH20 comes with a lightning-fast 40fps burst rate, excellent low light shooting for night shows, and face detection and can shoot 1280x720 HD video, as well as videos sized just right for YouTube. The best part though is the price — it goes for under $600 (depending on retailer), so if you want to get your hands on this camera, it will pay to shop around for a good deal.
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David Beckham With Pair of Bowers & Wilkins

David Beckham may be an amazing sports star (and quite the underwear model), but he also has good taste when it comes to headphones. David was spotted yesterday leaving LAX with a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones ($300) around his neck, which despite their square and flat appearance, come with some amazing noise-canceling abilities.
Pair of Bowers & Wilkins at the Apple store not only have the sound quality crisp and clear amid the noise of the busy Apple store, but the low-end bass was rich and warm. To top it off, the headphones have been getting some pretty great reviews on Apple's website.
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Nov 14, 2010

Sony VAIO P Series VPC-P111KX/P

Are you girlish enough? nah, take this one and show the world what you got. Although, the Sony VAIO P Series VPC-P111KX/P – Atom Z530 1.6 GHz, an ultra-mobile PC is expensively priced at a starting price of 699$, its small and lightweight body along with an eye-catching design have won many followers. The battery life is low and the extra-wide screen layout can look odd. A full keyboard and a full Windows 7 running capability are the plus points. The processor is form Intel, an Atom Z530 WITH 2GB memory. The hard-disk capacity starts at 64 GB. The sleek, trendy design IS still the major factors for its success in the market.
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Apple Ipad Tablet

Love to play n browsing yet bring along that gadget? This ipad for sure won't pissing you off. The Apple iPad Tablet (64GB, Wifi) features 64 GB Ram and runs on Mac operating system. The closing and opening of applications is fast. The touch screen is responsive and you will face no problem while typing as well. The battery life is quite long. You get good internet speed because the tablet is enabled with 3G and Wi-Fi. With the help of speed internet you get speedy uploads as well as downloads. The 9.1-inch LED backlit, widescreen display with glossy finish give a very sleek look to the Apple iPad Tablet (64GB, Wifi). The display is even fingerprint resistant making it more reliable.
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BlackBerry Curve 9330

For those who love to texting or browsing,  this phone will suite you well. The RIM BlackBerry Curve 9330 3G is a CDMA version and features a QVGA display together with 2 megapixels camera with digital zoom feature. You will also get the feature of microSDHC card slot and GPS with this phone. This smart phone runs on the BlackBerry operating system. Other features of this phone include Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR, USB connectivity, Email, QWERTY keyboard and many more. A TFT display gives a stylish look to the phone. When it comes to the battery life, you will get a talk time of 4.50 hours and stand-by time of 252 hours on an average. For internet, this phone has a BlackBerry Browser.
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Nov 13, 2010

Upgrade from an entry level, Canon EOS 60D is the solution

THE Canon EOS 60D is the camera maker's latest DSLR camera that sits in between the entry-level EOS 550D and high-end EOS 7D.
The EOS 60D, which will replace the 50D, ups the ante for medium-range DSLR camera. It should appeal to users who want more advanced features than what is offered by entry-level cameras.
This is because the EOS 60D is endowed with a host of updated features that include a large 18-megapixel sensor, articulated LCD screen and 1080p HD video recording.
Lots of changes
The EOS 60D has a plastic body which is normal for camera of this class. Also, even though it's made from plastic, the build quality is still solid.
The camera is also now lighter and smaller that its predecessor. Even though it's smaller, a big rubber grip provides ample traction for holding the camera firmly.
Physically, the 60D has undergone dramatic changes especially in terms of the button layout. The power switch has been moved up and it now sits right beneath the mode dial.
Also, many of the settings buttons have been moved around to various parts of the camera to make room for the large 3in articulated LCD screen.
LOCK IT TIGHT: To prevent accidental mode switching the mode dial now has a lock that requires you to press and hold it before you can twist to switch modes.
The mode dial also has a lock that requires you to press and hold it before you can twist it to switch modes.
This is to help prevent from accidentally switching modes but it also makes it difficult to switch between creative shooting modes and the dedicated video record mode on the other end of the dial.
For a camera that's big on HD video recording, this feature makes it frustrating and inconvenient to acces it. It would have been more convenient if the video mode was located closer to the creative shooting modes.
The EOS 60D's high resolution screen is incredibly sharp with very rich colours, and is great for reviewing and framing pictures in live view mode.
The screen's brightness is adjustable and can be bumped up to make it easier to view it outdoors.
Also, the articulated screen is versatile and flexible. You can, for example, flip it around for taking self-portrait shots or flip it out to get a better view of an overhead shot.
USEFUL: The 60D's swivel LCD screen makes it great for creative compositions.
When not in use, the screen can be flipped around to be stowed and protect it from being scratched.
Also, there's now a dedicated live view button that switches on Live view mode and doubles as the record button when in video record mode.
The joystick has also been removed in favour of a directional pad nested between the camera's control dial. The d-pad is definitely a big improvement over the joystick, and it's more comfortable to use and conveniently located for making quick AF point selections.
The settings buttons located above the secondary monochrome LCD screen have been reduced to performing a single function per button.
This allows quicker access to some functions but limits the number of features you can access.
Strangely though even with all the buttons, the EOS 60D is missing a dedicated button for white balance.
Although you can set a custom button for this purpose, it is strange to find that it lacks a button for such a frequently used setting.
Another big change is that the camera now accepts SD cards, so you're going to have to trade your CF cards if you're moving up from a 50D.
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iPod Touch 4G

Too tiny to feel disappointed of the improved iPod touch 4G.
AS APPLE'S premium music player, the iPod touch has benefited from consistent hardware and software updates that makes it one of the most popular Apple products next to the iPhone.
The new 4th generation (4G) iPod touch gains some significant enhancements, many that are found in the iPhone 4 - a fancy new Retina Display, A4 chip processor and FaceTime to name a few. With the same specs as Iphone 4G, you'll never feel disappointed with the newest technology and these features indeed impressing you from all the way.

THIN AS A STICK: The new 4th generation iPod touch is just 7.2mm thick.
Integrated with camera allowing you to capture image and record video yet specialised by FaceTime video calling which makes use of the front-facing VGA camera, allowing you to call other iPod touch users as well as iPhone 4 and Mac users over a WiFi connection.
NEAT: The new iPod touch benefits from a faster A4 processor and built-in gyroscope that enhances the overall gaming experience.
Games in general look better and ran incredibly smooth as we played Retina Display-optimised games such as Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusReal Racing and N.O.V.A.
Pros: Sharp-looking Retina Display; speedy performance for apps; HD video recording.
Cons: Poor still photos; no microphone-equipped earphones provideEndd.
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Nov 12, 2010

Telefon Sony PlayStation

Mungkin sudah sekian lama para peminat PlayStation dan PSP yang meminta-minta supaya Sony mengeluarkan telefon pintar berasaskan PlayStation. Dan memandangkan Microsoft mengetengahkan XBox melalui Windows Phone 7, Sony turut tidak ingin ketinggalan dalam memperkenalkan telefon PlayStation. Lebih menarik lagi, daripada gambaran yang diperlihatkan, telefon PlayStation ini kelak akan menggunakan Android sebagai sistem operasinya.
Sony PlayStation Phone
PlayStation Phone Daripada Sony [via]
Perantian telefon PlayStation ini menggunakan prosessor 1GHz QualComm, 512MB RAM, 1GB ROM, dan juga skrin dengan keluasan antara 3.7-inch hingga 4.1-inch. Ianya kelak akan dikeluarkan dibawah jenama Sony Erriccson, dan didatangkan dengan keupayaan skrin sentuh untuk kawalan telefon, dan juga pad butang kawalan yang boleh slide untuk mengawal permainan padanya.
Buat masa ini, telefon PlayStation ini masih lagi dalam peringkat prototaip, dan ianya mungkin dilepaskan kepada umum pada tahun hadapan kelak.

-Basyeer Hulala-
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Tentang Nokia N8

Nokia N8 (N8: 12 Megapixel-nya Nokia…) disebut-sebut memiliki sensor kamera terbesar di antara semua handphone kamera, bahkan lebih besar daripada kebanyakan kamera digital biasa.
Seberapa besar sebenarnya sensor kamera yang dimiliki oleh 12 megapixel-nya Nokia ini? Blog GSMArena pernah mencuba menghitung besaran tersebut dan diperoleh hasil 1/1.9″, yang jauh lebih besar daripada yang terbesar sebelumnya, yaitu 1/2.5″ pada Sony Ericsson Satio atau Samsung Pixon12.
Ternyata, hasil perhitungan di atas kurang tepat. Yang mengejutkan adalah bahwa ukuran sensornya ternyata jauh lebih besar, yaitu 1/1.83″. Nilai ini diperoleh dari wawancara ekslusif antara tim GSMArena dengan Damian Dinning,Senior Manager at Solutions Planning Nokia, yang memiliki peran besar dalam pengembangan kamera dan video dari produk sebelumnya seperti Nokia N95, Nokia N73, Nokia N82, dan Nokia N86 8MP.
Hasil wawancara antara GSMArena dengan Damian Dinning dapat dilihat pada link berikut:
Nokia N8 in focus: An interview with Damian Dinning.
Berikut petikan kesimpulan dari wawancara di atas:
  • Ukuran sensor kamera Nokia N8 adalah 1/1.83″, nilai ini lebih besar (dan lebih baik) daripada kebanyakan kamera digital biasa.
  • Kekuatan flash kira-kira sebanding dengan yang ada pada Nokia N82.
  • Menambahkan penutup lensa pada Nokia N8 akan membuat bagian kamera lebih tebal. Sebagai penggantinya maka ditambahkan suatu penutup dari bahan kaca anti gores. Sebuah ND filter dipakai sebagai pengganti sistem bukaan variabel. ND filter adalah filter tembus pandang yang dapat mengurangi intensitas cahaya tanpa menyebabkan perubahan warna. Dengan demikian adanya filter ND di depan lensa memungkinkan kamera untuk mengambil gambar dalam pencahayaan terang tanpa mengurangi aperture.
  • Encoding jenis H.264 digunakan untuk merekam video dan AAC untuk audio yang  stereo. Video untuk saat ini dikodekan pada sekitar 9 mbits/detik (mungkin berubah), stereo audio dikodekan pada 128 kbits /detik dengan sampel 48 kHz.
  • Video tidak memiliki autofocus berkesinambungan dan menggunakan sistem Active Hyper Focal Distance untuk memastikan fokusnya. Dengan cara ini kemampuan makro kamera video akan hilang tetapi membuktikan kehandalan fokus selama perekaman video.
  • Nokia N8 tidak akan mendukung mode perakaman video khusus seperti video kecepatan tinggi 120 fps video atau perakaman time-lapse.
  • Koneksi HDMI memungkinkan baik video maupun foto masih dapat dilihat sampai dengan resolusi 1280 x 720 dan mendukung 5,1 Dolby Surround sound

N8 mempunyai feature USB On-The-Go. Feature ini memungkinkan sebuah USB flash drive dibaca secara langsung oleh N8, atau bahkan perangkat lain yang memiliki sambungan USB boleh dibaca oleh N8. Kalau x faham tgk kat video ni jer. 
Berminat? Cari ja yang 2nd hand kat Murah dan saving.. hehe
-Basyeer Hulala-

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Info Mengenai Status Telefon


2) AP SET (CSL - ) WITH 15 MONTHS WARRANTY FOR NOKIA, WITH 12 MONTHS COVERAGE FOR BROKEN LCD, RIBBON N CAMERA. FOR SONY ERICSSON, 12 MONTHS WARRANTY FOR ALL PARTS. IN CASE OF WARRANTY CLAIM, U CAN DIRECTLY GO TO NEAREST SERVICES CENTRE WHICH AVAILABLE IN penang, ipoh, taiping, lowyatt , pj, kota bharu, k. t'ganu, melaka, kuantan, kuching n kk) ... so, kalu nak claim warranty x yah ssh2 pegi kt kedai tu balik, bleh bwk warranty card terus ke tempat2 berikut...


Original Set
- Nokia authorized distributors are Zitron, Avaxx and i-Mobile.
- Sony Ericsson authorized distributors are T-Choice, Grandtech, Midlands and Thorus.
- First Mobile Group (FMG) is the main distributor of Samsung phones.
- FMG is giving 18 months warranty.
- Motorola authorized distributor are Satellite Technics, Zitron and MDM.
- Siemens authorized distributors are Zitron and FMG.
- Panasonic's authorized distributor is Zitron.
- LG's authorized distributor is Zitron.
- u can service your phone at any service centres (Nokia Professional Centre, Sony Ericsson Certified Service Centres...)
- 1 year warranty for the full set including charger, battery, handsfree.
- genuine parts are used for repairing.

AP Set
- Approval Products
- mainly imported from oversea and sell it to the consumers.
- AP set warranty by companies such as Final Choice, CSL, Nefion, Telstra, GTMax...etc
- 1 year warranty for the phone and 1 month for the accessories like charger, battery, handsfree.
- u must bring your phone back to the place u bought the phone for servicing.

Water Set
- Stolen / Brought in from oversea without paying tax aka SIRIM Sticker. Considered as Illegal. Mostly brought in by student studying oversea.

*harus difahami setiap set adalah same, yg membezakan cuma after sales services n warranty coverage

-Basyeer Hulala-
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Dear Blogger..

utk Blogger2 sekalian... tips utk korg yg tringin nk tmbh duit guna blog korg.. baca la bg paham sendiri..hehe

1. Sell advertising. This is likely the mostcommon means of leveraging a blog to generate income. If yours happens to become a well-known blog, or one that is well-received in a particular niche, it's always possible to sell ad space on your own. For Bing Blogs and services such as Google's AdSense or BlogAds, bloggers can establish ad programs. AdSense's — which lets you select several ads that are consistent with the content of your blog — pays you based on how many readers click on the ads for further information. Even better, it's free.

2. Help sell others' products. Here is another click-through opportunity. Affiliate programs enable your blog to serve as a conduit between readers and online sites offering various goods and services. One popular choice is If, for instance, you offer book reviews or even just mention a book in passing in your blog, an affiliate program provides a means for your readers to click directly from your blog to Amazon to obtain further information about the book. If they break out the checkbook or charge card, you get paid as well.

3. Solicit contributions. Not every blog-related income opportunity involves hawking goods or services. As Blanche DuBois said in A Streetcar Named Desire, consider relying on the kindness of strangers. Ask for contributions. If, for instance, your small-business blogsupports a cause or issue in some fashion — say you repeatedly mention tax reform, health care or some other topic — you can always ask for reader support. Even if you've attracted a group of regular followers who simply enjoy reading what you have to say, they may be willing to underwrite their loyalty with a little financial help. Programs such as PayPal make it easy to establish a simple on-site contribution collection button.

4. Market your services in your blog.Many people associate blogs exclusively with a cyberspace-based soapbox — a place to shout your opinions and little more than that. Granted, blogs are an ideal venue to share your thoughts with others, but don't overlook their capacity to generate new business as well. When appropriate, work in references to what you do and, in turn, what you may be able to offer any would-be client or customer who may be reading your blog. That can spread your opinion and your business moxie at the same time.

5. Use a blog to deepen your existing customer relations. Nor does any marketing material inserted in blog content have to be limited to bringing in completely new business. By using a blog to regularly communicate with existing clients as well as other readers, you can take advantage of the opportunity to fully inform them about everything your business does. That may expand your readers' understanding of the full scope of your products or services.
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