Jan 14, 2011

BlackBerry Releases PlayBook Demo Video. Drooling Ensues.

The landscape for tablets over the past year has been to the tune of iPad this, Galaxy Tab that, with a sprinkle of Xoom and Honeycomb thrown into the mix. However, the boys over at RIM have a very impressive card up their sleeve in the form of the BlackBerry Playbook. We've all seen the pictures and have one friend who is absolutely pining for the release this year (in my case, more than one), but for now BlackBerry have released a walkthrough video which will blow your Apple & Android socks off.

According to the video, the BlackBerry Playbook will be getting some Dual-Core loving allowing it to have true multitasking compared to its competitors. Word on the street is that it can display full HD footage shot by a RED camera while running a demo of Quake 3 at the same time. Also, it looks like the PlayBook will be getting full webpages including inline flash support. The interface looks yummy and I really hope they fixed the supposed battery life problems because doing all of the above would drain a battery faster than a colander full of water.

(Source: Mashable)


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